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In this section we offer a selection of press news on the theme of the project, especially those referring to activities that have been carried out in educational centers and that show the work that is being developed around the SDGs. Likewise, others of a more general nature are presented but always linked to the school. Its reading can motivate reflection, commitment and action. Forward!

"The educational actions of the Red Cross reach more than 8,000 Cordovans"

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CÓRDOBA good news  (07/02/2023)

"Education contributes to sustainable development"

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The opinion of Malaga  (01/02/2023)

"The crossroads of higher education towards 2030 in Latin America» -UNESCO Report"

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Higher Education Spaces  (01/28/2023)

"UC Education professors coordinate a teaching innovation project with the SDGs"

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University of Cantabria (26/01/2023)

"Most countries will not reach global education goals by 2030, says Unesco report"

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The Universe (24/06/2023)

"Invest in people, prioritize education"

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ProFuturo (23/01/2023)

"The challenges of sustainable development in Spain for 2030: sustainability, productivity and equity"

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The country(16/01/2023)

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