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In this section we will offer information about those events in which we are going to participate, as well as those others whose organization is our responsibility.

II Conference on the development of talent and creativity

 March 29 and 30, 2023 
University of Alicante

These II Conferences will offer the educational community of the province of Alicante a unique opportunity, led by great international speakers, specializing in the educational field, to continue growing and building the school we dream of. They will be different, creative and innovative days, aimed at developing our proactivity, connecting with our deepest essence, our initial vocation and inspiring us to continue forward.

We will have 4/5 plenary sessions, specialized in Creativity · Emotional Intelligence · Psychomotricity and Learning · Leadership and motivation, carried out by: Silvana Andrés, Javier Bahón, Roberto Aguado and Javier Romero. As well as different simultaneous workshops by expert teachers and experts in the subject.

Our calendar!

II Jornadas sobre el desarrollo del talento y la creatividad

            29 y 30 de marzo 2023 
Casa de la Cultura de Mutxamel

we will attend the IV International Congress Leadership and Improvement of Education (CILME), which will be held at the Faculty of Educational Sciences on May 23, 24 and 25, 2023 in Seville (Spain). 

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