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"The role of young people and NGOs to achieve the goals of SDG 4 - Quality education"

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The Good Face of the World (12/01/2023)

"The AECID and Education reward schools that promote solidarity and commitment to sustainable development"

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Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperationollo  (16/12/2022)

"ONCE maintains its commitment to the SDGs of the 2030 Agenda"

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Social Group ONCE (23/11/2022)

"The Red Cross and the students of the Los Olivos Educational Center in Molina de Segura collaborate in the implementation of the project 'Sustainable Cities SDG 11'"

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Molina del Segura Town Hall (18/11/2022)

"The UC brings together students, faculty and NGOs from Cantabria and Asturias in a teaching innovation project"

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University of Cantabria (14/11/2022)

"Schools from Spain, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico, winners of the 'The SDGs in schools' award"

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Europe press (14/11/2022)

"The Sustainable Development Goals through the eyes of homeless people"

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the country(30/10/2022)

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