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What we want?

This project is proposed with the objective of offering training aimed at the management teams of Early Childhood and Primary Education centers in the province of Alicante. This approach responds to the interest of facilitating the implementation of the SDGs through the leadership of these agents. In particular, it is intended to achieve the specific objectives that are detailed below and that we have classified into three phases. 

LEDS flecha

Phase 1: We ask ourselves questions

leds fase 1
  • Objective 1:Know what training strategies have been implemented in our immediate environment to facilitate the implementation of the SDGs from the leadership of the management teams of the educational centers.  _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_What do they know?

  • Objective 2:Identify the training needs and preferences of management teams in relation to the SDGs, differentiating between those concerning women and men.

      What would you like to know and how would you like to learn it?

  • Objective 3:Identify the strategies that are being implemented in the centers to promote the achievement of such goals.

     What are they doing?

  • Objective 4:Evaluate the proposals they make regarding their possibilities of action.

      What do you think you can do to implement the SDGs?

Phase 2: Start the action

  • Objective 5:Design a training program, based on the results obtained in the diagnostic phase and considering possible gender differences.


  • Objective 6:Design a guide for management teams to facilitate the implementation of specific strategies aimed at achieving the goals set, promoting equal gender opportunities.

  • Objective 7:Develop the training program, in a pilot experience, using the guide created.

  • Objective 8:Promote the dissemination of the published material, as well as favor the continuity of the project through the creation of a network on leadership and SDGs.

leds fase 2

Phase 2: Start the action

leds fase 3
  • Objective 9:Carry out an evaluation of the program to identify its strengths and weaknesses, with special attention to gender differences.

  • Objective 10:Implement an evaluation process (continuous and final) to assess the development of the project and its impact.

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